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We are a gift shop for the whole family! Besides our many pet products we carry Baggallini travel bags, Lampe Berger air-cleaning lamps and oils, and Beatles memorabilia and merchandise. We also have a cozy wine-cellar like area in the back of the store! This section, Unleashed - Fetching Wine & Gourmet Gifts, carries wine, wine accessories, and gourmet foods. Please take a minute to browse our site and our online store! 


Update your voter registration if you have changed any of the following:

* Name

* Address

* Party Affiliation

* Signature Change

Note: Remember "No Party Affiliation" is different than "Independent" - a registeredparty. Also, if your absentee ballot signature does NOT match your Voter Registration, your vote does NOT count! 

All districts have been redrawn in Florida - all seats are up for grabs this year. 
Do your PATRIOTIC DUTY and VOTE in 2016!